Knowledge, the Second Tool of Self-Improvement – Part (2)


Alf’s overworked tea leaves, are also revealing that Big International Company is underwriting inflation, pollution, consumerism, problem, greed and the eventual collapse of Countries Economies and the destruction of their unique method of life. Using its euphoric greed mantra of profit maximization and continuous adjustment, monopolization, exploitation and devious business deals in the International Market Place 에볼루션카지노 가입.

Big corporate business activity that just comments the already affluent I’michael all-right Jack self-serving minority in poor Nations. Thus just those people who have a vested interest and profit to make from out of the feedback of those big investment bucks, but at the trouble of a Nation’s social & religious progress, lifestyle, way of life and future.

In the concise book of boot camp religious explanations, the above is called devolution and economic rape and perhaps not development and prosperity for all. Note the deregulated uncontrollable Mining & Gas Leaders, who’ve effectively and truly lost the religious plan of life in the product plan of corporate greed…along making use of their equally deluded shareholders.

The boot camp tea leaf reading, is that big corporate business & the cash markets, have now been working like an uncontrollable gambler enjoying 21 or break and, the fifth card they have attracted is not an Ace, nevertheless the neurotic King of Spades. They have gone within the precarious side of source and demand and to the abyss of disgusting excess, greed and delusion.

Like the selfish Piggy Banks, all of them want to double their profits each and every month…each and every quarter…each and every year and contact it development & producing prosperity.

About producing worldwide self-improvement. Re-endemic problem, the World Bank and different delusional human worldwide matters: It’s perhaps not intelligent to offer income to crazy damaged ridden Governments in third and for that matter in certain alleged first World Countries; which can be also in a state of religious & social collapse through wild problem and criminal activity.

There are quite a few intelligent sociopath opportunists in large areas performing their very own thing and perhaps not the people’s part of those crazy Nations. Thus that income isn’t being correctly spent. Maybe not being assigned for the great of the collective inside a Nation.

Example: The damming of life sustaining great streams that destroy the Natural Progress of the area and its ecology for the self-gratification, confidence and big buck prize of the few. Potential big trouble pending in the Heart East down the track of time out of this thoughtlessness called progress.

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